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Jerry’s novel starts out with a stark sense of isolation in more than just words, but Tom and Lovey’s strength is in merging together the seemingly mundane with the fantastical. The characters themselves resonate like small town folk that you may already know, but the story itself takes a dark and satisfying turn very quickly into the novel. As someone who is a fan of horror (really, basically every t-shirt I own is from some horror movie), it is refreshing to see such a brutal portrayal of what can only be equated as a werewolf.

Jerry takes genre-defining atmosphere and builds the story into the tension already present from page one.

The writing itself is visceral and intense.  Check out this very short excerpt:

“The eyes of the dead animal remained open, but did not appear to be dead. Through the reflection of the headlight beam, Bill saw the glimmer of the deep black orbs of the deer’s eyes that had stared him down as he lowered the rock in between the deer’s second last and final breaths.” – G.R. Jerry

There’s something deep, sometimes unsettling about the subtle way Jerry writes.  It’s beautiful, fantastical, written to feel like an oncoming storm.

A definite must-read for horror nerds.

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