Pacific Book Review

The horror and fantasy genre, perhaps more than any other, is dominated by giants. Names like Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft cast a long shadow over any aspiring writer who wishes to tell a grim tale of the fantastical. Author G.R. Jerry’s Tom and Lovely: Under the Moon Into the Wood, moves without hesitation to join these goliaths of fiction.

Tom and Lovely details the story of Wrong, a town held under the spell of a cruel sheriff nicknamed Stargut. Anyone who kills an animal is arrested and meets a horrible fate. One of these unfortunate souls was Lovely’s husband, Bill. After her husband is taken for accidentally hitting a deer with his car, Lovely turns to her neighbor Tom, a ‘preacher of sorts” to help unravel the mystery of Wrong and put an end to Stargut’s evil machinations.

G.R. Jerry’s novel exhibits some of the finest qualities of the genre. The writing is rich and descriptive, an oil painting done in words. Likewise, the setting and monsters found within Tom and Lovely are brimming with life. It is no small compliment to say that the town of Wrong is in par with the best backdrops created by the greatest horror and fantasy writers. But for all its energy and charm, there is something unintentionally off-putting about Tom and Lovely, as certain plot points are given away early, so that when they are gone over in greater detail later, they’ve been robbed of all suspense. However, if Tom and Lovely’s adventures could be channeled into a short story cycle, I believe the results would be truly superb.

The stories of Tom, Lovely and Stargut are undeniably entertaining. For readers who enjoy the genre of horror and fantasy, G.R. Jerry is someone to keep an eye on. As this author sharpens his skills and polishes his trade, the potential he has is undeniably capable of achieving world renowned recognition. We shall just have to wait and see what is to come.

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