Hometown READS Review

On a ten year mission to avenge the brutal sacrifice of her man by Stargut, the local sheriff, himself on a mission to create the perfect man-beast, Lovey, abandoned by her spellbound friend Patty, is joined by a stranger. Tom is a preacher . . . of sorts, who has followed the scent of evil for a hundred years. He mysteriously appears in the Village of Wrong, the rural Midwestern town and its mutant inhabitants mere creations of the devil lawman. Together the three converge in a climactic showdown……., under the moon……., into the wood……., down by the river……., at the doorsteps of hell.

This paranormal fantasy opens with Lovey reminiscing the events of the past ten years, the murder of her husband, Bill, the appearance of the evil Sheriff Harrigut and the fictitious Village of Wrong, the attack of her neighbor Patty’s poodle and the impending doom of Tom in another one of Stargut’s moonlight sacrificial rituals.

As the story progresses the reader is taken back in time as Lovey’s character is developed in the exploration of Bill’s demise, Patty’s transformation under Stargut’s spell and other characters taken down in detailed reenactments of Stargut’s bloody ceremony in which his victims are transformed into members of his mutant followers. Later we learn about Tom’s past, the acquisition of his immortality during his youth in the late 1870’s and the characters such as Red Deer that aid in molding his maturity as he seeks out the scent of evil and the path of his future.

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