Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope Review

If you love horror and Stephen King books, you will love G. R. Jerry’s novel Tom and Lovey: Under The Moon Into the Wood. This novel will make your breath catch and grab you attention from page one. You will not be able to let go until the very end. Tom and Lovey is about a half man, half animal that is pure evil. He calls himself Stargut. Stargut is the sheriff of a town called the Village of Wrong. Stargut is trying to create his perfect evil beings of half animal and half human. Tom is a preacher, that for hundreds of years has been tracking this evil, by following the stench the evil has around him. Lovey’s husband Bill was murdered by Stargut and she is out to avenge Bill’s death. The creek behind Lovey’s place is no ordinary creek, it is the place where evil resides especially on the nights when the moon is full. I highly recommend Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon Into the Woods by G. R. Jerry. This is the perfect book for Halloween season. Thank you Mr. Jerry for a gripping novel of horror and suspense!

www.synchchaos.com  04/01/2018