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Short Synopsis

Meet Mr. Insurance Man, Benjamin “F” Johnson, a highly specialized adjuster, a workaholic, consumed equally by his dedication to ethical conduct, and an addiction to a world of fantasy. Follow Benny and friends as they join the phantom on a joyride to the timeless medieval world of Lord Lawrence and the deep chambers of the asylum that awaits those invited. Check your soul at the door . . . or lose it.

About the Author

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, G. R. continues to nurture his youth interest in the macabre. After completing a military obligation and preempting an insurance career with exploration of the US and mind expansion through education and time as a working weekend hippie, G. R. has turned to putting dreams to words—the mystical, magical, fantastical images of the mind and the horror of it all. He now resides with his wife, Patricia, in central New Mexico, under stories and stars of the dark heavens.

After his first book release, Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon into the Wood, a showdown with the devil’s creations taking us from the Old West to modern times, G. R. turns to this psychological thriller, Claim Denied. Currently in progress is the Tom and Lovey sequel, Pursuit of the Thunderbird. Projects also planned for release include his voluminous epic tale of Sir Fredrik, Ruchelle, the beauty, and the young witty one, a tale of fantasy and horror ten years in its inception, Gairfield . . . as in the Air.

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